Vesica Piscis

Mandorla is the Italian word for almond. An ancient symbol, the mandorla is the almond shaped segment when two circles overlap, symbolizing ‘ nothing less than the overlap of opposites’(Robert Johnson).

The ancient symbol “Vesica Piscis” pre dated Christianity and has been used to describe the coming together of heaven and earth. In psychology it is used as a model to move from a dualistic view of conflicting forces in our lives, to the realm of paradox in which the opposing forces within us are held with equal dignity creating a shared space for reconciliation to occur.

Within the vessel of the mandorla, a third possibility emerges that honours the separate qualities of each. It is not a neutralizing of the other, but rather a weaving together of the threads of both.

Vesica Piscis is a series of prints that looks at and through the central central shape of the almond. As a beautiful metaphor for consciousness the almond can represent the divine design in life and nature.

The prints are a reflection of my external and inner world, combined with the printing process of translucent layers which incorporates the accidental with the intentional.